Is Writing a Form of Art?


The answer is plain: YES.

Writing is a form of art because of three reasons: it exercises imagination, it is a form of expression, and it is a powerful influencer.



If you’re a DIY enthusiast, a woodworker, or a handyman, you know that imagination plays a vital role when creating something. Without imagination, it’s almost impossible to be creative at all. Fortunately, writing exercises one’s imagination. It enables the writer to form ideas that are beyond the box. It allows the writer to maximize his thinking and analyzation skills. And because of these, writing is a form of art.




Writing is also an art because it allows writers to express themselves just as artists express through painting. This is why people write on diaries, journals, and blog sites. Art is defined as the human way of expressing oneself, and writing does an excellent job of allowing people to release their feelings on a piece of paper or a website. Writing doesn’t judge when you express yourself. You may follow the rules, or you can choose not to (it’s okay as long as you’re not hurting anybody). Writing is one of the best ways of getting rid of negative emotions. It’s also the perfect choice to make memories last longer than they could in our heads. Writing enhances our mental health and is great therapy for those who are trying to overcome a situation or a feeling.



woman-typing-writing-windowsLastly, writing is art because it can influence people. Be honest; there’s at least one book that changed you or your perspective on life. We all have that one book that made us appreciate art. That just shows how powerful an influencer writing can be. Just look at the tons of blogs available these days!

However, not all blogs are influential. If you want yours to be impressive, you only have to follow the writing/blogging tips below.

  • Avoid lengthy descriptions – If you can summarize, summarize. Make it short unless your customers want them long. This is especially true when you’re comparing stuff, say benchtop joiners and other handyman tools. For more on this, visit Bloggingtips.
  • Be fair – Show the pros and cons of the idea or object you’re talking about. Don’t just show the good side. Remember, not everything’s perfect. Gain trust from your readers by being fair and honest.
  • Choose words with caution – Be careful about your choice of words, idioms, quotes, and even about creating new words.
  • Make it simple – Avoid using foreign words or phrases unless they’re needed. Don’t use jargon too.

Clearly, writing is a form of art that continues to grow. It’s not only a way of communicating with others, but it’s also a way for great minds to become even greater.