Easy DIY Hanger Bow and Arrow

With the fame of Katniss Everdeen, Legolas, Hawkeye and Green Arrow, raves about bows, arrows and anything related to archery transcend across young to adult fans. Books, movies, comics, and cosplay events are swarmed with fictional archers with amazing marksmanship that seemed impossible in real life.


Of course, the archer feeling will not be complete without the trusty bow and arrow. Here is an easy to do DIY bow and arrow from one of the simplest tools in your house – coat hanger.

Before you start, prepare these materials first:
Old plastic hanger



Colored Duct Tape/Black Insulation tape



Kebab Skewers

Wooden Cork

Spray Paint (any color)



  1. Cut off the bottom part and the hook of the plastic hanger using pliers. Use a sharp knife to smoothen the rough edges left after cutting the bottom and hook of the plastic hanger. Practice caution in using knife. If you are still a kid, ask assistance from your parents or an older family member.
  2. Get the colored duct tape or a black insulation tape to cover the center part of the plastic hanger. This will serve as the bow handle.
  3. Using a sharp knife carefully cut a notch at the parts near the edge of the plastic hanger. If you are having difficulty cutting a notch, you may use a chopping board to make it easier.
  4. Then, take a string and tie it at the notches you cut in the plastic hanger. The string must be tightly drawn for you to have a strong and firm aim.
  5. For your arrows, use kebab skewers. You may also cut a wooden cork in half and push it on the skewer. This will make it safer when releasing your arrow.
  6. If you want to be more creative, use a spray paint and color your bow and arrow.

This is a fun way to spend your times with families and friends. Just remember to clean your working area when you are finished to avoid accidents.

But if you are not contended with a toy bow and arrow and you have extra cash and time, ask around for best compound bow for the money you have.