The Real Art Of Swimming In Pools


Contrary to popular belief, swimming in pools is not just about you taking a breather from your hectic work life or you getting yourself refreshed after a long day under the heat and tension of those things you needed to do for the day.

It’s also about you getting the rare chance to spend more time with your loved ones for as long as you want to and all the while reconnecting with yourself through the kind of physical relaxation swimming pools can provide you as you simply take a dip and do some strokes under the water. Because at the end of the day, that’s what makes the real art of swimming in pools even healthier and even more remarkable – the fact that it can heal your body like no other and especially make your much-needed breather even more remarkable as you get to spend more time with your loved ones and own self in the most relaxing way possible.

But of course, who could ever forget about that relaxing beach-like ambience and that warm sun shining down on your body as part of your breather essentials that only swimming pools can provide – especially those featured in pool cleaner reviews from 2017?

Contrary to popular belief as well, swimming in pools is not just about you making a changer from your frantic home or you getting yourself rejuvenated after a long day under the pressure and strain of those things you wanted to do for the day.

It’s also about you getting the rarest chance to know more about yourself for as long as you need to and all the while reconnecting with nature through the kind of mental rejuvenation swimming pools can provide you as you simply take a dip and do some glides above the water. And because at the end of the day, that’s what makes the real art of swimming in pools even fitter and even more memorable – the fact that it can heal your mind like never before and especially make your much-needed changer even more memorable as you get to know more about yourself and nature in the most rejuvenating way possible.

And of course, who could ever forget about that rejuvenating mountain-like atmosphere and that cool air blowing up on your face as part of your changer essentials that only swimming pools can provide?

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Nature Meets Technology: Creating Designs for a Better World

renewable energy

renewable energy
Technology has been responsible for a lot of progress the world has seen. But it has not always been kind to nature. It many ways, it has directly or inadvertently contributed to the planet’s growing environmental problems. Developing new technologies and coming up with new innovations to improve existing ones are taking its toll on natural resources worldwide.

Nature may seem at odds with a lot of things technology stands for. But that does not mean they cannot co-exist in a way that benefits not just people but the environment itself. By focusing on the perceived evils of technology, it would be easy to miss the positive things it has contributed to help protect and preserve the natural word.

Many innovations in technology have been inspired by nature. A lot of things that people use today were designed and developed by studying plants, animals, insects, and natural objects among other things. Robots have been created to mimic the movements of animals and humans. This shows the potential for more discoveries that could change the world in positive ways when nature meets technology.

There is a growing trend to create and design sustainable technology. Some countries from around the world are investing in green technology. Stories of cities where trains now run completely on green energy have been on the news in recent months. From harnessing renewable energy to designing sustainable cities, nature is benefiting from the latest innovations being made. This provides a hopeful picture in the midst of all the environmental issues that threaten to change the world as we know it.

4 Ways to Keep the Creative Juice Flowing


Creativity doesn’t come out in an instant. It takes lots of time and planning to create something unique and fascinating. One must have the motivation and inspiration to keep the creativity flowing. It is a skill that everyone has and can do.

To help you maximize your inner creativity, we’ll offer you some ways to keep your creative juices flowing!


There’ll be a time that you might need the help of others. Cooperate and share bright ideas with other artists. Understand their idea and look for an inspiration if possible. Understanding other artist’s point of view will help you see a different perspective in life.

Avoid the Internet

Using the internet is good for you to look for some inspirational ideas, but too much of it can affect you negatively. Avoid using the internet especially if you don’t want to restrict your creativity. You can’t concentrate on creating unique things when the internet is in the way.


Let Your Mind And Body Unite

This activity may sound useless to other people, but it helps you think more creatively.

Sit down and meditate for at least 20 minutes each morning. Doing this will help you understand your deepest feelings, knowledge, answer, and capacity that will help you be more inspired.

Practice Daydreaming

Collect numerous thoughts, information, and ideas as you daydream every day. It is free and it really helps with creativity. Daydreaming is a good way to think new ideas, find out the consequences, and even think of a solution to any problem. A research has shown that daydreaming is only effective if you have already dedicated effort in a task or project.


You can’t think clearly with an empty stomach. So, it’s a good idea to eat healthy food and beverages. Coffee and make you feel awake for those long nights of thinking. There’s a study that shows our mind is sharper in the night. You can grow coffee in greenhouse and save money. You would also taste the authentic coffee blend without the chemicals.

There you go. Simply follow this guide and let the creativity burst! A unique idea and thoughts are gathered after numerous works and times. Creativity doesn’t come out instantly. So, let our tips guide you to boost your inner creativity!

Four of the Best Destinations for Graffiti Lovers


Graffiti art was used to be associated with hooligans and troublemakers. But gone are the days when this art form was shunned as mere vandalisms. Today, they’ve become a vibrant part of street scenes. Many artists use the medium to create and share their art. Travelers who find them in their wanderings will be amazed by the breathtaking quality of the artworks. Some of the cities that boast of amazing works include:


Berlin is an art lover’s haven. It also has many great graffiti created by artists not just from the country but also from around the world. The reconstructed Berlin Wall has served as a big canvas for artists. Imagine a long stretch of wall teeming with diverse and splendid artworks. It is certainly worth a side trip if you ever come to Berlin.


Street art thrives in London. In fact, there are so many graffiti artworks from well-known and anonymous artists that draw tourists and locals alike. Banksy is a trailblazer in the London graffiti art scene. His satirical artworks have attracted a lot of attention and created a huge following in and outside the city. Many other mesmerizing artworks from artists like AliCè, Cityzen Kane, and Sweet Toof among many others make the urban art culture in London pulsating with life.

Los Angeles, California

There has been a spike of graffiti artworks in Los Angeles in the past months. Most of the pieces are a mix of local and international artists. British artist D*Face is one of the many artists who have left their mark in the streets of LA.

New York City

Graffti has transformed many places in New York City. The city has long been home to some of the most amazing street artworks in the world. Some of the many must-sees are the art pieces found along Johnson Avenue where eye-catching murals by artists like Tones One have left their mark. East Harlem is likewise a great destination for art lovers with its Graffiti Hall of Fame featuring works of many artists. The Bowery Graffiti Wall is also a crowd drawer. Its huge Popeye wall art is a sight to behold.

5 of the Best Animation Films You Should Watch

Watching animation films sparks emotions in us. It makes us feel, think, and connect with the characters we see. But most of all, the best works in the industry transport us into the characters’ world. Thinking about the process of creating such films leaves us in awe. A lot of creativity is involved in every animation that we see. We have watched several of these films over the years. We have a long list of the ones we like that spans decades. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Spirited Away

Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away was a runaway success when it was released in 2001. It is the story of a young girl named Chihiro who was “spirited away” into a different world where she was separated from her parents. Her character is far from the sweet innocent child that we often see in some films. In the beginning of the film, she behaved like a typical rebellious teen. But as the story unfolds, we can see how Chihiro developed humility and overcame the challenges she faced in a world so different from her own.

2. My Neighbor Totoro

This Hayao Miyazaki 1988 masterpiece has captured the hearts of many people around the world. Here we follow the story of Satsuki and Mei who together with their father Tatsuo Kusakabe moved to a house near the hospital where their mother was staying because of an illness. The film is a delightful story of two girls who met and became friends with woodland creatures. It is a sweet and hopeful story about family, friendship, and love.

3. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released in 1937 which makes it fairly old. It has touched the lives of many children around the world who grew up chanting “…mirror on the wall”. Apart from being a hit, one of the things that we love about this film was the huge gamble its producers made to make it come to life. A lot of money was spent creating the film which took several years to finish. There were doubts that it would draw a crowd. But it turned out to be a success and the timeless piece has delighted many viewers over the years.

4. Akira

Many say that this 1988 animation film is the best one in all time. Akira is unsettling to watch. It tells of a teen who developed psychic powers. The film is violent set against a backdrop of destruction and ruin.

5. Grave of the Fireflies

This film released in 1988 is beautiful and yet painful to watch. It is about siblings Seita and Setsuko who were forced to survive on their own after losing their mother in a bombing raid. Set during World War II. It is a heartbreaking story of the despair war brings.

5 Positive Effects of Creativity


Everyone has the capacity to create something. You just have to observe children to know this to be true. Left to their own devices, kids come up with all kinds of things. They can weave stories, play pretend, make materials for an imaginary house when they play pretend, and more. Children seem to have an inexhaustible source of ideas. They imagine. They do things. They make things. They have fun. Artists, in many ways, are like children. They never stopped creating. But what happened to everyone else? Does talent alone define who should create? We think not. Creativity should be nurtured regardless of talent. It is when we tap into our creative side that we experience its many positive effects.

1. Fuels creative thinking

Clichés like thinking outside the box happens in the creative plane. Creating something fuels creative thinking. It teaches us to explore ideas without fear. It develops our abilities to view the world through different lenses. It broadens our perspectives. And the more we practice it, the more we hone our ability to think beyond the usual.

2. Promotes self-expression

No art is the same regardless of how similar they look at first glance. Every piece we create is unique. Every moment spent in making something is an expression of the self. Creating is a form of genuine self-expression. It draws from the deepest recesses of our minds that we may be aware of.

3. Experience the “Flow”

Wikipedia defines flow as “the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.” Artists also often refer to it as “the zone”. Only those who have experienced it fully understand how it feels. Creativity allows us to experience the flow and benefit from the positive feelings it brings.

4. Relieves stress

Art is an excellent stress reliever. It reduces stress regardless if we are creating or simply appreciating it. Many studies have shown the correlation between art and positivity. It dispels negative feelings and improves our outlook in life.

5. Self-empowerment

Art can be a tool or a process for self-empowerment. Making art gives us a sense of accomplishment. It boosts our confidence. It encourages us to explore our creative side more thus making us more courageous to make things we did not think possible.